HTML Exam – 01

Written by khalid

As the founder of KS Devware, I am Khalid Saifullah. A young entrepreneur. With over 4 years of experience, I’m a software engineer (full-stack web & mobile) and UI/UX designer. Developing software for the world of intent is something I'm passionate about and I'm dedicated to making the world of intent easy and affordable for everyone.

Jan 26, 2022

Exam Instruction

  • Don’t Google
  • Be honest to yourself
  • Set a timer of 30 minutes on your phone and submit within that time
  • After the exam post the result on facebook group with the hashtag #exam #exam_1
  • Don’t look at your old code
  • We will do a solve class about the questions
  • We will stop taking the exam response after 12PM
  • All the best


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  1. Mohammad Sohaluzzaman Bhuiyan

    Nice effort by our mentor Mr. Khalid Saifullah! Thank you!
    Thanks for the exams. It will help us to know more.
    There were enough time to answer the questions smoothly. But I did few mistakes due to “not understand the questions”!

    InshaAllah! Next time I’ll more careful.


  2. Mohammad Omar Faruque


    Very sad.


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